5 tips for new incoming graduate students

First, I can only think of the tips from a PhD student’s point of view. I do not consider myself a role model as a PhD student, and I can summarize some tips that I wish I could do better on. 1. Read papers. Reading papers could be a intimidating tasks for new graduate students. However, it is the fastest way to build up your confidence in talking about any certain subjects, or writing articles.

A DDoS Ransom Incident

Recently, I’ve come across a set of discussion happened on the NANOG mailing list about a DDoS ransom incident. I find it rather interesting, and summarized a few notes about this incident. What happened? A small company has received a ransom note from a very well-known group for potential DDoS attacks. The magnitude could be several hundred Gbps. Asked on NANOG mailing list for help. The attack group could most likely to be Armada Collective Primarily DNS and NTP amplicafication Web requests of 80 million per hour Suggestions from NANOG members Roland Dobbins from Arbor: Upstream ACL (access control list) Nick: If they pay the ransom: the attackers can come back at any time for more.