Emacs Eshell Aliases Setting

Setting Aliases in Eshell and be done programmatically in an elisp configuration. To do so, you will need to invoke the eshell/alias function from your elisp script file. Here is an example of a simple aliases configuration: ;; open files (eshell/alias "ff" "find-file $1") (eshell/alias "fw" "find-file-other-window $1") (eshell/alias "fr" "find-file-other-frame $1") ;; list files (eshell/alias "ll" "ls -la $*") (eshell/alias "la" "ls -a $*") You can copy/migrate your .

Frequently Used PostgreSQL Commands

Very, very high-level quick-start guide to get started using PostgreSQL. Installation Debian: sudo apt install postgresql Mac: brew install postgresql Create Databases and Users Create user: sudo su postgres create role Alice LOGIN CREATEDB Create database do it as Alice createdb somedatabase psql somedatabase Password and Access Control login a database as Alice \password Edit /etc/postgresql/9.5/main/pg_hba.conf for access control. The file is pretty self-explainatory.

Filtering by categories for org-mode agenda view

Customizing agenda view helps me to better visualize the todo items for work and better schedule things and maintain sanity. It is very convient to set a category property to the top-level section of a org file, since the category carries onto all its subtree entries recursively. As a result, all todo items in the agenda view will have category as prefix and therefore very clear on what project the todo item belongs to.

Install ox-hugo directly from GitHub source code

ox-hugo (github link) is a fantastic package that can help transform org-mode notes into HUGO blog posts. The installation is very easy if you use vanilla Emacs (i.e. just use MELPA). However, on the current develop branch of Spacemacs, I encountered the problem of dependency mismatch where ox-hugo requires org package while Spacemacs uses org-plus-contrib package. As a result, on starting Spacemacs it will try to delete org package and the reinstall org after it tries to load ox-hugo.

Adding Dynamic DNS for Non-supportive NAS Devices

Network Attached System (NAS) is a good invention that makes managing and sharing our daily lives so much more convenient. In general, I like the idea of having a storage device connected to the Internet without relying on cloud storage or a always-on heavy PC. However, people would need a domain name to bind to the IP address of the NAS in order to remember it. If you bought a domain name from some providers (like Google Domains or GoDaddy), and bound a subdomain to the IP address of your NAS, is the problem solved?

Backup FreeBSD Jails Using Ezjail

Using jail to separate individual running services is very easy to achieve in FreeBSD. In my case, I put my several websites into different jails just for easy maintenance and a clear mind. With the jails set up, it is then becomes the most important job to enable a stable backup plan for all the jails. In this article, I will introduce my way of backing up jails using ezjail, rsync, and crontab.