Filtering by categories for org-mode agenda view

Customizing agenda view helps me to better visualize the todo items for work and better schedule things and maintain sanity. It is very convient to set a category property to the top-level section of a org file, since the category carries onto all its subtree entries recursively. As a result, all todo items in the agenda view will have category as prefix and therefore very clear on what project the todo item belongs to.

Install ox-hugo directly from GitHub source code

ox-hugo (github link) is a fantastic package that can help transform org-mode notes into HUGO blog posts. The installation is very easy if you use vanilla Emacs (i.e. just use MELPA). However, on the current develop branch of Spacemacs, I encountered the problem of dependency mismatch where ox-hugo requires org package while Spacemacs uses org-plus-contrib package. As a result, on starting Spacemacs it will try to delete org package and the reinstall org after it tries to load ox-hugo.